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Below are listed details of events which might be of interest to our members and their families. No Gardening Club outings have been arranged to go to these events. Dates will be removed as they become redundant. Additions will be made as they are notified to us. I have tried to colour code different types of events. 

Some of our contributers send regular updates on what their organisation is doing . To help sift through the information it seemed sensible to allocate sub pages to those organisations. The event and date will appear on their own list. Hopefully this will prove helpful.  

All information is given in good faith, depending on the accuracy of those who supplied it. In the event of your wishing to act on it, we suggest you double-check. The events are arranged in date order if possible. 

News of local flower shows or exhibitions would be good. Post codes are helpful in this age of SatNavs.

Please send us the details via the "Contact us" page or tell Sheila or Frances.

The Scottish Gardeners Forum website (click on the link on the  'Interesting Links' page) has details of Events which may be of interest to members.

By arrangement 1st January to 31st December The Frog Garden 61 Fountainhall Road

More info on Scotlands Garden Scheme sub page.

From 1st March 2014 Battle of Bannockburn

More info on the NTS sub page. 

SRGC shows and events can be found on their website

  • http://files.srgc.net/show_info/SRGCshowdates2017.jpg

  • For other shows please note that these dates are PROVISIONAL and subject to change over the next six months. Please consult the 2016 Show Schedule for confirmed dates. More info on the  dates on the SRGC sub page.

    Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

    Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled 21 Ravelrig Gait Balerno Edinburgh EH14 7NH

    Details on getting there are on http://www.ravelrig-rda.org.uk

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