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From Seed
 How to sterilise soil in the microwave

You can sterilize soil in a microwave. Microwave the soil for 90
seconds per kilogram (2.2 pounds) on full power. Don't use metal containers and aluminum foil when using a microwave.

Onion Seeds (sowing)
An old gardener told me you sow on the shortest day of the year and lift them on the longest day of the year.
Sow indoors in a tray.

Parsley Many people find it hard to germinate parsley seed successfully. My own tried and tested method is to pour boiling water on the soil outside or on the compost indoors and then sow the seeds in to that immediately.
I have also heard of gardeners putting their seeds in hot water and leaving them to soak overnight with good results.
Germination of the seeds takes approximately 3 weeks and planting to harvesting approx. 12 weeks.
If all else fails buy a small pot of parsley from the supermarket and transplant the seedlings in to the garden after the end of May.
Plant one seedling in a six inch pot, preferably a deep pot like a recycled clematis pot.They like to put down long roots. It can be kept outdoors all summer and overwintered on the kitchen windowsill.

From Cuttings

Shop bought Spray Carnations need to be stripped of their foliage before arranging in a vase (to prevent the rotting vegetation smelling). Any sprigs removed can be placed in water where they will produce roots and can then be potted up and planted out after the danger of frost is passed. They will flower the same year. 

Cuttings of Pelargoniums and Shrubs can be taken now, August, from soft wood or semi ripe wood cuttings. There is a video on the following link which tells you how.

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