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If you want to collect your own seed. The following link explains how

A Seed Scoop.

When saving seeds do you wish you had a little gadget to help put them in small containers. This little gadget is made from the handle of a plastic milk bottle. For permission to pass on his idea I thank my friend Richard from the web site  

21.4.13 Hepaticas 

If you want the Hepatica seed it will be ready very soon, seed pods split open when still green put a paper bag over them to catch the seed and then plant the seeds in pots or trays. They will germinate as soon as conditions suit them. The plant shown is Hepatica nobilis 

21.4.13 Corydalis
The advice for Hepaticas  also applies to Corydalis. The seed pods look quite different. The plant shown is Corydalis malkensis.

Herbaceous Perennials

In July/August many herbaceous perennials are setting seed. 

To keep the plants flowering cut the stems which are showing seed pods. 

Pop them head down in a paper or plastic bag.

Allow the heads to dry out and the seeds will fall in to your bag. 

You can plant them immediately in a cold frame or

keep them in the fridge in a jar or sealed packet. 

Sow in the early part of next year.

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