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We are now half way though March 2015. I am a member of a seed exchange run by SRGC. I check the internet to see how to sow and care for the seeds I receive. This year I have some Pulsatilla seeds which I read are best sown in sterilised soil. Check the propagation page to see how to do this.

It is the beginning of December. If you have not planted spring bulbs yet there are some great bargains to be found. It is not too late to plant them. Just choose a frost free day. Plant tulips about 6 inches below the surface. The squirrels do not dig that deep. Then just sit back and wait to enjoy a grand display. 

A tip from Tom Hardwick, grow carrots in pots and raised beds, in amongst the flowers. The ferny foliage will add interest and cut down on weeds and the need to weed. As they will be above ground level it might also help cut out carrot fly problems.  

Time to Plant bulbs again. Plant them in cardboard egg boxes. The kind that will decompose. Remove small circles from each egg section, pop in the bulbs and plant the whole thing five inches below the soil level. If you use the top which is usually one large space, make holes, half fill with compost mixed with grit place the bulbs in the compost and again plant the whole container five inches deep. The depth will help stop the squirrels stealing them. They rarely dig that deep. The trays will rot down and the bulbs can be left in situ or dug up after flowering.   

Cheap and Easy watering device using a drinks bottle which has an easy close push fit top. See at  or at  

  Many of us use herbs. If you grow your own successfully please share your experiences with other members.

My herb garden in a raised bed 7' x 3'. It has sage, 2 kinds of thyme, lovage, Bronze fennel, sorrel and burnet. In addition I put parsley and basil in there in summer. It is a source of free colour and flavour and is packed full of vitamins.

Keep your own seed. see Collecting seed

Parsley see Propagation and Herbs (uses) 

How to increase your stock of Plants see Propagation

Onion Seeds (sowing) see  Propagation  

 Prevent your seedlings dying from the cold.

Lots of us use those mini greenhouses which can be placed against a wall. They are between 2 and 4 shelves high. Fine if the weather is not too cold but to protect your seedlings through frosty nights it is helpful to have a heater. Use milk or lemonade bottles (2 Litre size) filled with hot water and placed in beside your plants under the bottom shelf. Or if you can heat up a brick you can use that. It will keep the space just above freezing and save your seedlings. As an added insulator throw an old shower curtain or similar over the mini house. Remember to remove it during the day if the weather is warm as plants need fresh air just like us.     

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