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Members please tell us of spare plants and seeds you are willing to share with fellow members or bring them along to any meeting. No guarantees are given or implied.
At our last meeting several members brought along seeds which they had over from either this year or previous years. In our experience most seed does last longer than one year but you take the risk of being unsuccessful in accepting seeds. Members were keen to share and participate in trying to grow plants which they had not thought about in the past. There was plenty of interaction with members giving each other advice on growing on the patio, in pots or in grow bags. We hope members will continue to interact with each other and maybe we might see some plants coming back if members are successful in producing plants in excess of their own requirements.   

S. for seed P. for plant  

S. Anemone citrinus ? None remaining
S. Cardiocrinum giganteum.  
S. Chrysanthemum weyrichii. None remaining
S. Various Clematis. None remaining
S.Lilium Martagon album
S.Lychnis oculata
S.Pulsatilla vulgaris alba ? None remaining
S. Sisyrinchium macrocarpon none remaining

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled 21 Ravelrig Gait Balerno Edinburgh EH14 7NH

Details on getting there are on

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