Good and Bad Bugs
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14.12.13 Lacewing flies should be encouraged by gardeners. They are a good natural way to control aphids, white fly and caterpillars on your plants. The female lays up to 400 eggs at a time on a leaf near an aphid colony. Each egg is attached to the leaf by a short stem. The larvae feed on aphids for about four weeks during which time they can eat six hundred aphids. They have powerful hooked jaws and are sometimes likened to crocodiles. To attract lacewings to deal with your problems ensure your plants are open to the air in the evening when the insects are at their most active. If you think you are not getting lacewings in sufficient numbers encourage them to visit the plants by spraying around the colonies of aphids etc with a weak sugar and water solution, it simulates aphid honeydew or caterpillar frass. Please do not use pesticides when the lacewings are active. I quite fell in love with this little charmer when he landed on my keyboard one evening last week.   

Ladybirds are good friends of vegetable gardening because they eat a lot of unwelcome insects.
It is easy to make a spot for them to hibernate over winter.
Take an old can, wash it thoroughly, then pack it with wide drinking straws cut to the size of the can.
Toward the end of summer, place the can sideways in a hedge a few feet off the ground so that the rain does not get in, but the ladybirds will have a warm, snug winter haven.
They will find other places if you don’t provide this for them.

GOOD An overwintering ladtbird seems to be stirring 22.3.12


They soon get stuck in to the wildlife we don't want. 29.3.12

GOOD Bumble Bees are also good friends to the fruit growers. They help the wasps to pollinate the flowers. 2013 all of the fruit flowers are late and the Bumble bees like to crawl all over the heather sipping the tasty nectar

BAD Vine Weevil Beetle first signs are usually notches cut out of leaves. They seem to love Primulas and no shrub is too big for the horrors to attack. They lay their eggs in the roots

BAD Vine Weevil Grubs are the result of that egg laying. Drooping plants which do not respond to watering may well be suffering from these chaps, eating their roots.

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