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Members can share photographs of plants in their gardens here.

More Autumn colour. The birds love the yew berries but they do not eat them off the ground.  


Bulbs in pots idea for autumn planting. 

Lovely autumn colour. October 2015 from Sheila. A Kaffir Lily, River Lily or Hesperantha coccinea syn. Schizostylus coccinea picked up at the members plant swap evening in 2014.This is a red flower which I prefer to the pink one I had already, see that photo posted in 2014. .


28th September 2015  From Sheila an update on the roscoea seedlings potted on in August 2014

Only 4" tall and it produced 3 flowers 

From the same batch of seed but 10" tall. These orchid like plants have been exposed to the outdoors since they were planted as seeds in 2014. 

from Gordon 22.8.15

From Sheila September 2015 

from Sheila July 2015 

Roscoea are hardy in the UK and deserve to be more widely known and grown. There is a wide selection of colours to choose from. Sadly you are unlikely to see them in local garden centres but nurseries like Edrom, Kevock Plants and Pitcairngreen Alpines all stock them. All have web sites. I got some Roscoea seeds via the SRGC seed exchange. They were sown Spring 2014, potted on in the Autumn and left outside buried in the pot seen below. I potted them on in June and from 30 seeds planted I have at least 23 healthy seedlings. The roots are like dahlia tubers. These now average one inch long and at least two fat tubers per plant. .   

July 2015 Roscoea Harvington Evening Star is a glorious deep velvety purple.   

Gordon submitted the lovely photo of a sunflower below. It has been used as the new logo on the top left of the Header on the website and an edited version on the front of the new programme for 2014. 

19.10.14 Some of my lovely autumn flowering Japanese Anemones. First 'Whirlwind'

'Honorine Jobert'

'Pretty Lady Julia'

Anemone hupensis 'Prinz Heinrich'

and I think this last one is the one everybody says spreads too much. There is an easy solution to that problem, just give it to your friends or local sales tables. It is not difficult to get rid of the excess. Those glorious golden stamens means it will always find a place in my garden.  

2.12.13 Gentian "Inverleith" late Autumn and Winter flowering

13.10.13 A hardy perennial, the Kaffir Lily, River Lily or Hesperantha coccinea syn. Schizostylus coccinea looks too frail to stand up to the rough weather we get in November but it is totally hardy. The flowers look like mini gladiola and last well in the garden or as a cut flower. It is a native plant of South Africa and Zimbabwe. This one is still flowering at the beginning of December.

26th November 2013 Summer flowering Inula magnifica produces seeds which the birds love.

September 23rd 2013.

Gordon has set us an ID Question. Can you tell the ID of each of the following lovely plants?


2. Lychnis oculata a long lived Hardy Perennial with woolly grey foliage. It flowers over a long part of the summer/autumn. Ht. 60-90cm. Gordon has provided seed heads and the seeds will be available to club members at the Christmas Meal out. If you can not be there we can send them out to you.  



September 19th 2013

At out last meeting we were being advised to try and ensure we have flowering plants in every month of the year.

This Gentian is one of my favourites in September. The bees and other insects love it.  

August 2013

Nicandra Physaloides an annual. It grows to 3' x 3'. The flowers develop into blue seed pods similar to those found on the perennial physalis. Seeds available for this one. 


Galtonia (Summer Hyacinths) one of my favourite late summer flowering bulbs. It has come in to its own this month. Grows approx. 3' high and is hardy but it likes a good deep mulch for the winter months.

Anther favourite this time on the raised alpine bed. It is Corydalis 'Kingfisher'. It flowers for a long period, likes partial shade and a moist well drained site. It is only about 12" high and so airy and light it is perfect amongst the alpines.     

11.6.13 Red Oriental Poppy


Caerneum which is a lovely salmon pink.

Princess Victoria Louise which is a paler shade of pink 

Royal Wedding 


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