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Butterflies will act as a barometer for the health of a garden. Their life cycle is about one year's length, from caterpillar to butterfly. They require the same type of healthy climate over the course of their lives. If you are a gardener, you should be able to see if the number of butterflies changes over time. If the population declines, there may be something wrong.

Butterflies are flower pollinators, but they are not quite as effective as bees. They do this by gathering pollen on their spindly legs as they drink flower nectar. Pollination is very important to any ecosystem as it leads to the creation of seeds. A garden that has no pollinating insects is not a thriving garden.

Although butterflies do not eat many solid foods they are also important for a garden because they eat aphids, which can destroy plants. Aphids are tiny bugs that can quickly eat plants and cause them to die. Butterflies act as a natural kind of pesticide, one that is nontoxic and safe for everyone. If you want to have a pesticide-free garden, then attracting butterflies is important for insect control.

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From Gordon taken 15.8.15 Large White Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars. to see how this butterfly lives its life check out   

From Sheila 

Small tortoiseshell butterfly sipping nectar from the Buddleia flower.

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