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From Sheila 

We met this new assistant in a Perth Garden Centre recently. he was very friendly and welcoming. 

From Gordon 

The date should be 22.8.15 

Swallows start breeding in April and May. They produce 2 or 3 broods each summer. There will be 3 - 8 eggs in each brood. They take 14 -16 days to incubate then fledge in 17 - 24 days. I have read that the older siblings help feed the later broods. Here is one family who seem to have been successful in rearing about 20 chicks this year. The latest ones only flew from the nest a day or two ago. It is late being early September but they are very cute. They eat insects caught while swooping around in the air from ground level up to about sixty feet. Parents have been tracked from Scotland to Mainland Europe when looking for food to feed to their chicks. Soon they will start on the annual 6000 mile pilgrimage to South Africa where they will overwinter.     

A big fat pigeon looks down, from his perch on an aerial, onto his home which is just a heap of sticks on top of a clematis on the pergola.  

22.9.2013 from Gordon. Blackbird, Chaffinch and Dunnocks enjoying a treat.

From Gordon and Pat a cheeky robin is waiting to see what is on offer today. 
Robin at RGBE 6.1.13 from Sheila

He sang very well too. from Sheila

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled 21 Ravelrig Gait Balerno Edinburgh EH14 7NH

Details on getting there are on http://www.ravelrig-rda.org.uk

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