The Suntrap Gardening Club 
is organised by a small Committee headed by

The Chair Person, Irene Lawrie
The Club Secretary is Frances Hepburn

Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month from February to November 
Day and date varies in December 
7.15pm for meetings. 6.30pm for outings.  
Check 'Gardening Club Programme 2014 '
for details or changes

NB. December meeting is in  December 2016 at the Black Bull at Midcalder

Potential new members or visitors please come along to any meeting where you will be sure of a warm welcome.  

 At the AGM it was decided to hold Membership in 2016/17 at £10 per person. Cost adjusted depending on when you join.
Attendance fee each month will be charged at £2.00 pp. to help defray costs of speakers etc.  
Outing costs will be advised when known.  

Here are a couple who are always busy. Gordon, our former Secretary, and Patricia his wife. Come and meet them in person.

Suntrap Gardening Club was set up, with the help of Tutor John Smith, by a group of keen amateur gardeners. Having completed a course, learning the basics of gardening, run by Oatridge College at Suntrap Garden, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, they were keen to keep in touch with Suntrap and continue the process. 
Members meet once a month (See details of the new meeting place on the Newsletter December 2012) at their home base or at a different arranged venue to hear speakers, get hands on experience of different techniques or to enjoy a conducted tour of a garden led by the owner or head gardener.
The Gardening Club members do not run flower and vegetable shows because the emphasis is purely on learning and furthering an interest  in and expanding their gardening skills and techniques. The group are a friendly bunch of people who between them have wide interests in growing all kinds of plants and are often able to help one another with a problem or offer advice based on their own experiences. 
As a club member there is access to an extensive group of professional nurserymen and gardeners as well as educationalists who willingly come to speak on a wide range of topics. Members are very welcoming to newcomers of whatever level and it is their hope that the club can continue to serve the purpose for which it was set up - namely to encourage an interest in and educate amateur gardeners. 
The Club is a member organisation of the Scottish Gardeners Forum which provides relevant advice to gardening clubs all over Scotland. 
The Gardening Club had delegates on the SOS Committee and Gordon was a very active volunteer at Suntrap before it was sold off.  

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled 21 Ravelrig Gait Balerno Edinburgh EH14 7NH

Details on getting there are on

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