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Scottish Gardeners Forum Pallet Garden Competition 2013

The Planter and Pallet Garden Competition at Gardening Scotland  is organised by the Scottish Gardeners’ Forum. One of it’s main aims is to encourage and foster future generations of young gardeners as well as make the weekend a fun and memorable experience for all involved.
Gardening clubs, organised groups and schools from across Scotland compete to create gardens that measure just 1m x 1m.
Planters can also be entered and may be easier to do as a first project.
If you are interested in entering a Planter or Pallet Garden at Gardening Scotland or would like some more information, please email Pallet Garden Co-ordinator John Smith at

Because of our many links with organisations involved in GS many of us volunteer during the weekend celebration of all that is good both here in Scotland and further afield  for the gardening fraternity.

John Smith our friend and mentor runs the Palet Gardening Competition for the Scottish Gardeners Forum. Some of our members helped out supervising the area and also talking to potential future exhibitors and congratulating the excited youngsters and adults who entered either containers or pallets. I managed to take a few pics in this area. No theme is demanded. Each exhibiting team choose their own subject. It can be historical, current affairs or  based around any subject of interest to them. There was lots of imagination. Dd you know the royal baby has arrived. I saw it first at GS.   

Exhibits ranged from this fanciful 'Magical Garden' from Pinkie Primary School in Musselburgh to a veg box filled by children from a local nursery. They will grow up knowing how food is grown. Its never too early to start gardening.  

Here are some more of the 40+ gardens on offer this year

I'm certain the rhyme in the frame above will start bells ringing. It reads

The things I sow
Somehow don't grow
I'm sort of disenchanted
But oh, what luck
I have with stuff
I never even planted.

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

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