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Here are some photos taken on Tuesday 16th June 2013. The Garden was easy to find.


2. The permanent staff and volunteers have been busy removing trees which had fallen in the recent bad weather. They are gradually getting the spaces replanted.  

3. 10 out of 10 to Gordon for remembering to book the good weather along with our guided tour.

4. The plants had to compete with some very cute Canada Goose families. These birds are not native to Scotland but there is a sizeable group of them nesting at Duddingston Loch.  



6. The garden is on the fairly steep banks of the loch. There are several ponds around the garden. Here the rowan tree has a lot of berries. Does this forecast a hard winter ahead? 

7. There was plenty of lush growth by the loch side including some spectacular Black Iris Chrystographes

8. and lots of yellow iris too.

9. A coser look at this one

10. A shady border packed with flowers

11. Stunning hardy geraniums

12. Birds foot trefoil a lovely yellow wild flower is at home here.  


13. As we set off alongside the loch it was a bit muddy underfoot so if you visit after rain do have suitable footwear

14. some members decided the view from higher up was worth the extra detour

These rocks must have presented quite a challenge for the original garden designers


15. As the day ends these Canada Geese are still taking their young for one last paddle before bedtime. 

15. Many of us could relate to this poem. The word on the last line which has been broken should read 'grace'

17. A seat on which to ponder on those words  perhaps.

18. Is it comfy?

 What is she thinking?

19. Tall grasses hide our view of the loch.

20. Another resting place.

21. Here walls have been built to stabilise the soil because of the steep bank. At the bottom, a recently planted bed of iris enjoy the sunshine. Its an ideal spot for these iris whose rhizomes need to lie exposed to the sun to ensure future flowering. On the next tier up is the beautiful Papaver 'Patty's Plum'. and above that is a rose garden.

22 -25. A closer look at some of therm. 



26 & 27. Is it time to settle down for the night? The geese are not worried by us.  


28. A pretty daisy like alpine growing in a crevice in the rocks.

29. Further up that lovely Papaver 'Patty's Plum'.

31. and a very unusual begonia flowered paeony

31. One of three hardy orchids seen in the garden. Roscoea

32. The second hardy orchid a Dactylorhiza. Unfortunately no viable photos were taken of the third one, also a Dactylorhza but with brown spotted leaves and flowering spikes very like this one. 


33 & 34. Meconopsis, two different shades of blue but both with the 'Wow' factor.


35. Here is another blue, a ceanothus with alliums in the background

36. A visit to the plant nursery to buy a reminder of our visit is always a treat.


37. It was interesting to see a newt, from the nearby pool, in close up.  

38. The last area to visit was the Curling Tower

41. Last years Artist in Residence has staged an interesting exhibition in the upper room. She shows how she used the reeds and grasses in the garden to make paper etc.

42. Then it was time to say 'Goodbye' and a big thank you to head gardener and our guide for the evening. Here she is standing under a Corylus avellana, the well known and loved corkscrew hazel, more commonly named as 'Harry Lauders Walking Stick'. The famous Scottish comedian lived in nearby Portobello. 


42. Just around the corner 'The Sheep's Heid Inn' offered the sociable group a chance to relax and mull over what they had just seen. Thanks Gordon for another great visit.

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