15th May 2012 
                                     Visit to

                                           The Frog Garden
                                  61 Fountainhall Road

The Suntrap Gardening Club include some visits to gardens of interest in their annual programme. Members have been to this garden in the past and it was an eagerly anticipated outing to see what changes had taken place since the last viewing.  
Note the little hedges placed to add interest in this area.

There were hellebores, peony roses and trilliums everywhere.

Garden art in the form of metal sculptures or driftwood pieces abound. They pick up and highlight features like the pot pattern which is reflected in the driftwood in the photo above.

Island beds have been cut into the grass to accommodate the owners growing passion for alpine plants. It’s lovely to walk around the beds and admire them from different angles. The lawn between the beds has been left wide enough to mow easily. As we travelled to the garden there was a heavy hail and then snow shower. That is ice lying all around not a scattering of flower petals. When we arrived the whole lawn was a sheet of white snow. It did not lie but where we trod on it, it turned to ice. This is almost unheard of so late in the month of May.

There are several ponds around the garden but it was too cold for the frogs to be out. The owner has provided little polystyrene hats which float on the surface of the water and provide shelter for them. There are no toads but there are newts.

In the photo below meconopsis provided a good contrast to the rhododendron  in the border beyond.

This is one of the treasures included in the Scottish Gardens Scheme yellow book. The proceeds from the garden go 40% to The Frog Trust and 60% to the SGS charities. The plant sales area was bursting with goodies and we all came away laden with precious plants. In one instance so many of us wanted a certain plant that the owner fetched a trowel and some pots to ensure we all were happy. If you live within hailing distance of Edinburgh this is a great place to visit. I never considered having a pond in the garden but the owners passion has rubbed off and I am now thinking about it.  Thank you Mrs. Hammond for your hospitality and very warm welcome on a bitterly cold evening and thank you for showing us your wonderful garden.

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

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Details on getting there are on http://www.ravelrig-rda.org.uk

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