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Suntrap Garden April 2012 
The  Gardening Club AGM also members have a lesson on how to fill a hanging basket or pot. 

It was Gardening Club night at Suntrap. We had our AGM then it was time to plant up pots, baskets etc which members had brought along to fill. We have such a night once a year and the club supplies plants and compost at very reasonable prices – this year only £3 per basket. I had not brought a basket to fill as I was intent on looking at how the garden was coping. I was not disappointed. A friend and I split up to see where the best shots might be found. As I arrived earlier in the evening I was almost blinded by these golden wonders. Imagine these exotic looking plants being hardy in Scotland. The pond lies west of the car park. 

Lets take a closer look

South of the pond area a strip of lawn runs east to west in front of a wonderful shrub filled border in front of a copper beech hedge which still retains its leaves. The rhododendrons and azaleas are sheltered from the early morning sun. Flowers were still bursting in to bloom on some plants, while others were at the end of their flowering cycle.

The Shrubbery is underplanted with all sorts of woodland plants like these erythroniums.

My friend called me to see something at the back of the potting shed and I could not resist a shot of some members hard at work.

A shout from Gordon, our secretary, to "smile please" made for a better pic. The Potting Shed made a great dance hall last weekend when the SOS Committee held a celebration ceilidh. Millbuies the main family home of George Boyd Anderson has been listed and will add to the pressure for Suntrap being kept for the Nation.

My friend had discovered the Frittillaria Crown Imperialis in flower. First the Yellow ones,

and then the Orange ones.

I surprised her when I pointed out the flowers on this acer. I explained a fellow Goy member had shown them in the past week.

The last photo in the top part of the garden had to be of this sweet smelling Viburnum which has wonderful coloured foliage as well as wonderfully scented flowers.

Further down in the veg plot the volunteers are gradually filling up the raised beds in readiness for planting. We had to run back to the Potting Shed as the rain felt we had had a good enough look for one day.

I hope you enjoyed our trip around the garden. There is always something new to enjoy throughout the year.

Suntrap Gardening Club meet at 7.15pm in the Common Room at  

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